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Travel Process Changes Effective July 1, 2014


Florida statute 112.061, requires all USF business travel to be by "the most efficient and economical means of travel (considering time of the traveler, impact on the productivity of the traveler, cost of transportation, and per diem or subsistence required)." Other considerations are the nature of the business, number of travelers and amount of equipment or material to be transported.


To better comply with these requirements, the following changes are effective July 1, 2014:

  • E-mails will be automatically sent from Orbitz for Business to travelers for each reservation considered "OUT OF POLICY", for which a reason was required in the booking path.
  • Travelers are requested to print the e-mail(s) and to include with their expense report receipts.
  • Travelers are to write on the airfare e-mail why that selection was "the most efficient and economical" consistent with Florida statute
  • Travelers are encouraged to write notes of further business justification on rental car and hotel e-mails as necessary.
  • The OFB threshold for "out of policy" or "reason required" for airfare bookings is increased from $1 to $50. Only fares that are greater than $50, higher than the low fare alternative, will require a reason for choosing.


In addition to improved compliance with the requirements of Florida statute, this is intended to streamline the expense report process by reducing the amount of questions and back and forth communications necessary during expense report audit to document the business justification for expenses incurred.


4/7/2014 Orbitz for Business (OFB)

A travel authorization request (TA) must be submitted prior to making any charges with your University Pcard.  If you are using your personal card a TA should be submitted as soon as possible.  But remember either way when booking airfare, hotel, and/or cars you must use OFB. 

AVIS Car Rental – Must be booked through Orbitz For Business (OFB).  If you use E-Toll, which is in most of the Avis cars, please log on to the Avis E-toll site and follow the instructions to obtain a receipt for your tolls. Avis charges a convenience fee from $2.50 to $5.00 for use of the equipment, plus the cost of your tolls.

Enterprise Car Rental – Must be booked through OFB, and is ONLY for IN-STATE FLORIDA travel.   Out-of-state you cannot use Enterprise.

The site is now available to use, and MUST be used for all airfare, hotel, and car rental.  If you are not booking airfare you are still required to book hotel and car through the site. You will find OFB by logging on to USF and going to “My Resources.” I have been sending out emails when your travel authorizations are approved.  You cannot book without this number. Those who book flights for students, etc., you also must use OFB and will need that persons travel authorization number.  You can get it from them, or I can provide it.


If you have any questions, please contact me.

Elisha M. Evangelisto


9/24/2013 Please note a few revisions that have been made to USF travel rules:

  • The tip limit for ground transportation has been changed from 15% to 18%.
  • Travelers may no longer claim gas cost in lieu of mileage when using a personal vehicle for business;  the published statutory rate of .445 cent per mile should be claimed.


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