Education Programs

There are currently four community-based and nationally recognized programs offered through E & O: The Oceanography Camp for Girls (OCG), the In-Service Teachers Oceanography Workshops (In-TOW), the OCEANS Teaching Fellowships (formerly GK-12), and the regional Spoonbill Bowl Competition for the National Ocean Sciences Bowl (NOSB).


The Oceanography Camp for Girls

OCG was developed to inspire and motivate young women entering high school to consider career opportunities in the sciences. Each three week program provides hands-on, real-world experiences in both laboratory and field environments. For more information visit the OCG website and our OCG promo video.  To make a contribution: Members of the community please contact Teresa Greely,727.553.3921. Faculty and Staff please visit the campaign website.


In-Service Teacher Ocean Workshops (In-TOW)


In-TOW provides teachers with marine science learning experiences that engage participants in current and emerging ocean research and technologies. The oceans are presented as an ideal model for teaching integrated scientific concepts and processes, examining environmental issues, and problem solving.  Program activities include inquiry-based workshops, experiential learning, coastal field trips, research cruises, laboratory research projects, teaching modules and lesson plans, and follow-up support during the school year.  Visit the Overview Page for upcoming Teacher Professional Development opportunities. TPD include GLOBE: A Hands-On, Inquiry-Based Environmental Science & Education Program for Florida Teachers; NOAA Ocean Explorer series: How Do We Explore for Florida Teachers; NOAA Gulf of Mexico B-WET program for Florida Teachers; and C-IMAGE Teacher at Sea program.  

Visit these links for additional information about Teacher PD: NOAA Ocean Explorer: Onsite Workshops

For more information contact Teresa Greely.


OCEANS Teaching Fellowships (Formerly GK-12)


OCEANS Teaching Fellowships seeks to provide opportunities for graduate students to serve as scientists in K-12 classrooms. Training provides Fellows with current trends and practices in science education, opportunities to develop inquiry-based instructional skills, enhanced teaching skills, and strategies to communicate scientific concepts effectively to a broad array of audiences. Visit the OCEANS Teaching Fellowships website.


Spoonbill Bowl - National Ocean Science Bowl (NOSB)


Spoonbill Bowl as part of the National Ocean Science Bowl is a regional ocean sciences brain bowl for high school students who form teams to compete with other teams along Florida's west coast. The NOSB promotes ocean literacy, stewardship and the critical role of the oceans to our everyday lives.  For additional information visit the Spoonbill Bowl website.


Graduate Courses


The E&O staff in collaboration with faculty from USF-CMS, offer graduate courses that help develop or improve professional skills in teaching and communicating science. Courses include:

  • Scientists in the Classroom
  • Experimental Learning in Marine Science
  • Teaching Marine Science I & II