Welcome to our Ocean World

ST. PETERSBURG, FL - Today was the first day of the Oceanography Camp for Girls. This is the 24th summer USFCMS will host 30 teen girls as part of our Precollege Ocean Sciences program. Today we spent the day getting to know each other, as well as the College campus. After a busy morning of introductions and paperwork, we had lunch with a scenic view of Tampa Bay. After lunch we gathered on the south lawn and played “Have You Ever,” which was a great way to learn what experiences we have in common.

We closed out the day with a Dolphin Training activity to learn how we communicate non verbally and a briefing on how to prepare for our three field research expeditions later this week--- a research cruise, coastal ecology, and ocean conservation. Follow along as our OCG counselors (OCG alumnae) and science mentors (CMS graduate students) share a learning journal each day of OCG, June 16th through July 3rd.

To learn more about the Oceanography Camp for Girls visit our website.