USF Glider Deployed to Track Fish and Red Tide

ST. PETERSBURG, FL - USF's COT and CMS staff deployed one of their Slocum gliders for a 30-day research mission in the eastern Gulf of Mexico. "Sam" is equipped with a myriad of technologies to collect data during its mission as it yo-yo's up and down through the water column. Measurements are geared toward understanding subsurface water variables such as temperature, salinity, dissolved oxygen, and fluorescence.

This project adds acoustic technologies for tracking tagged fish, marine animals that make sound, and acoustical backscatter. The deployment is the result of collaborations with several groups at FWRI, NOAA, FIO, iTAGGCOOS and private industries.

For more information visit CMS Ocean Technology Group.


USF’s Slocum Glider Bass collecting Red Tide bloom data

ST. PETERSBURG -  USF's Slocum Glider BASS is currently swimming along the WFS and is collecting/sending real time data on the Red Tide bloom.  

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