Fitting the Gulf of Mexico Inside a Computer

ST. PETERSBURG - Mind Open Media's David Levin talks with C-IMAGE members Cameron Ainsworth, Jason Lenes, Michelle Masi and Brian Smith about building an Ecosystem Model of the Gulf of Mexico to describe how oil spills impact marine life. For more information, download the C-IMAGE's Podcast 4.

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PhD student Michelle Masi collaborates with NMFS

ST. PETERSBURG, FL - On Oct 17, 2016, Michelle Masi successfully defended her dissertation entitled, "An ecosystem-based approach to reef fish management in the Gulf of Mexico". In collaboration with the National Marine Fisheries Service, she used an ecosystem model to evaluate potential harvest control rules for use in Gulf of Mexico reef fish fisheries management. Her results suggested that using an adaptive management approach has the potential to improve fisheries yields while simultaneously increasing abundance and biodiversity of the reef fish assemblage. Joining as members of her academic committee were Dr. Michael Schirripa of NOAA's Southeast Fisheries Science Center in Miami, and Dr. Isaac Kaplan of the Northwest Fisheries Science Center in Seattle. Michelle Masi is a PhD Candidate in the Marine Resource Assessment program. She was recently hired to a full-time stock assessment position at the Fisheries and Wildlife Research Institute in St. Petersburg, FL.