Eastside wins the 2015 NOSB

ST. PETERSBURG, FL - On behalf of 2015 Spoonbill event staff, we would like to send a wave of THANK YOU to each of you for helping us complete the 11th Annual Spoonbill Bowl. Firstly, the competition was a success largely because of all the Pre-Bowl organization of Angela Lodge and Paul Aunspaugh. This dedicated team worked tirelessly behind the scenes preparing for the competition.

The second success was the training, preparation and enthusiasm of our outstanding Room Officials—moderators, science judges, rules judges, runners, scorekeepers, timekeepers, expert science judges and Bowl Central team. Thank you to our returning volunteers and our NEW volunteers. We sincerely hope that your first Spoonbill Bowl was filled with many positive memories and a willingness to join us again!

We are asking ALL Volunteers to please, please, please complete the event survey distributed by the National Ocean Sciences Bowl headquarters. We are trying to make 2015 the year that ALL Volunteers complete the post-event survey. Let’s go for the Gold with a 100% response. These surveys are an essential aspect of the program evaluation that our sponsor agencies require to support future funding requests.

Volunteers: https://www.surveymonkey.com/s/2015RegVol

A special thanks to our Keynote Speakers, David Hollander and Steve Murawski for sharing their research on Science of Oil in the Ocean during our Friday evening dinner.

Drum Roll please…. here are the final results of the 2015 competition:

Number of teams competing:  18 teams, representing 13 Florida high schools and 1 Student-led Organization


The event results are: 


First Place:

School Name:    Eastside High School – A team

Coaches:              Anne West-Valle

City:                       Gainesville

State:                    Florida


Second Place:

School Name:    Academy of Environmental Sciences

Coaches:            Ward Cooper and Gerry Laplante

City:                     Crystal River

State:                   Florida


Third Place:

School Name:    Durant High School

Coaches:             Kelly Cook and Jeremy Lynch

City:                     Plant City

State:                    Florida


Sportsmanship Award Winner:

School Name:    Seacrest Country Day School – B team

Coach:                 Caron Staples and Marty Durham

City:                     Naples

State:                    Florida


T-Shirt Design Award Winner:

School Name:    Oceanography Camp for Girls Alumnae

Coach:                 Laura Hettrich

City:                     St. Petersburg

State:                    Florida