BP oil spill may have led to deformities in fish

ST. PETERSBURG - BP oil spill causing abnormalities in developing Gulf of Mexico fish. Dr. Steve Murawski, a fisheries biologist and marine ecologist explains why.

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Construction Begins On New Research Vessel

TARPON SPRINGS, FL - Next summer (2017), a group of marine researchers and local politicians who gathered at a Tarpon Springs shipyard for a ceremonial keel laying plan to return for the dedication of a new research ship. With the touching of a blow torch to the keel Wednesday morning, construction formally began on the 78-foot vessel at Duckworth Steel Boats. The currently unnamed craft will replace the R/V Bellows, a 46-year-old research ship operated by the Florida Institute of Oceanography.

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The "Not-So-Visible" Impacts of the Deepwater Horizon oil spill

ST. PETERSBURG - Three years after the BP oil well disaster, scientists are struggling to understand the effects on the Gulf ecosystem.  From Mind Open Media, David Levin reports on the oil's impact on the tiny creatures that form the base of the food chain. For more information, download the C-IMAGE's Podcast 3.

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USFCMS Awarded $20.2M for Gulf Oil Spill Research

ST. PETERSBURG - The University of South Florida’s College of Marine Science has been awarded a $20.2 million grant by the Gulf of Mexico Research Initiative to continue leading studies of the impact of the 2010 Deepwater Horizon oil spill, one of the nation’s largest environmental disasters.

The grant will support the efforts over the next three years by professors, post-doctoral scholars and students at 19 collaborating institutions, in five countries including Mexico, the Netherlands, Germany and Canada. The effort, dubbed C-IMAGE consortium was originally established at USF in 2012 to conduct studies on the oil spill after the well blowout was capped.


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