2012 Publications by CMS Faculty

ST. PETERSBURG - Compiled below are the publications for all USFCMS faculty in 2012.


Ainsworth, C. H., H. Morzaria-Luna, I. C. Kaplan, P. Levin, E. A. Fulton, R. Cudney-Bueno, P. Turk-Boyer, J. Torre, G. Danneman, and T. Pfister (2012) Effective ecosystem-based management must encourage regulatory compliance: A Gulf of California case study. Marine Policy, 36, 1275-1283.

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Fefilatyev, S., M. Shreve, K. Kramer, L. Hall, D. Goldgof, R. Kasturi, K. Daly, A. Remsen, and H. Bunke (2012) Label-Noise Reduction with Support Vector Machines. International Conference on Pattern Recognition. Nov. 11-15, Tsukuba, Japan. Journal of Machine Learning Research. [student in Computer Sciences lead author; I was lead PI on grant]

Witham, F., J. D. Blundy, S. C. Dohn, P. Lesne, J. E. Dixon, S. Churakov, and R. Botcharnikov (2012) SolEx: A model for mixed COHSCl-fluid solubilities and exsolved gas compositions in basalt. Computers & Geosciences, 45, 87-97. (3 citations)

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Note 1: author contributions were equal (indicated in paper acknowledgements)
Note 2: selected as the cover article.

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