Showbox for iPad

Showbox is an amazing app that lets you watch movies and other online videos by streaming them on any device you want. Some of the apps we have are not supported in iPad but we somehow want them on our iPad. Showbox is one such app that doesn't support iPad but we have workarounds that can help you download Showbox on your iPad and enjoy movies, shows and other videos that you love. It is one of the best apps to stream online video and no other alternative comes close when we need to watch our favorite movies. It is the best app for movie lovers who can't wait to stream the movies they like on the devices they want. An iPad has a huge retina screen with great resolution that displays every pixel beautifully. Get the Showbox app for iPad and enjoy a delightful watching experience.

Though you can't directly get Showbox on the App store for your iPad, you definitely can follow the below procedure to have Showbox on your iPad.

Install Showbox on iPad

  1. To install the Showbox app on iPad, you need to first download another app called vShare.
  2. So the first step would be to get vShare on your iPad.
  3. Install it just like any other app you would do and open it.
  4. After you open the vShare app, you have to select the Download Unjail broken button to download it.
  5. When you are asked to trust the publisher of the app, choose to trust it.
  6. Then go on the main screen and you'll find the vShare app there.
  7. Open it and in the search bar type 'Movie Box', you'll find the app and then choose to download it.
  8. Follow the same process to download the Movie Box app like you did for vShare and you'll soon have it in your iPad.
  9. After it is installed, you are done.

Thats it now you can enjoy all EDucation and Movies on your mobile with this app