Friday, 06 January 2017 Seminar Schedule Spring 2017

Seminar Schedule Spring 2017

2017 Spring Tentative Seminar Schedule

* Fridays at 3:30 PM, MSL Conference Room, (MSL 134)
Note: Some seminars are scheduled for Thursday (3:30PM, MSL 134)


Jan. 13, 2017

Graduate Student Symposium


Jan. 20, 2017

Speaker: Karl Havens

Affiliation: University of Florida/Florida Sea Grant

Title: Florida Sea Grant College Program Overview

Host: Philip Kramer (FIO)

Jan. 27, 2017

Speaker: Ke Chen

Affiliation: Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution

Title: Heat Balance and Temperature Variability in the Northeast US Coastal Ocean

Host: Yun Li


Feb. 3, 2017

Speaker: Changsheng Chen

Affiliation: Univ. of Massachusetts - Dartmouth

Title: Downscaling Simulation of Oceanic Responses to Climate Change: A Global-Basin-Coastal-Estuarine Resolving FVCOM System

Host: Chuanmin Hu


Feb. 10, 2017

Speaker: Katie Schreiner

Affiliation: Large Lakes Observatory at the University of Minnesota Duluth

Title: Sources and Reactivity of Terrestrial Organic Carbon to the Colville River Delta, Beaufort Sea, Alaska

Host: Brad E. Rosenheim


Feb. 13, 2017

Speaker: Greg Johnson (note: special date, same time as usual)

Affiliation: NOAA PMEL

Title: Improving Estimates of Earth’s Energy Imbalance

Host: Don Chambers


Feb. 14, 2017

Speaker: Luanne Thompson (note: special date, same time as usual)

Affiliation: University of Washington

Title: Linkages between the Atlantic Meridional Overturning Circulation, the Gulf Stream and the Atmosphere: circulation, heat content and air-sea interaction

Host: Amelia Shevenell


Feb. 20, 2017

Speaker/Affiliations: Masanobu Yamamoto (Hokkaido University) & Leonid Polyak (Byrd Polar Research Center, the Ohio State University)

Title: Detection of the Pacific Decadal Oscillation and tropical storm activity during the last 2900 years using Beppu Bay anoxic sediment cores

Host: Brad E. Rosenheim


Feb. 21, 2017

Speaker/Affiliation: Angela Rosenberg, President, ANGARI Foundation, Inc.

Title: Announcing ANGARI: A New and Innovative Platform for Ocean Research and Public Outreach

Host: Mark E. Luther


Feb. 23, 2017

Speaker: Alan Blumberg

Affiliation: Stevens Institute of Technology

Title: Coastal and Operational Forecasting Research at The Davidson Laboratory

Host: Robert Weisberg


Mar. 2, 2017

Speaker: Joel Fodrie

Affiliation: UNC Chapel-Hill

Title: Has warming, oil pollution, and fishing dramatically altered coastal ecosystems in the northern Gulf of Mexico?

Host: Chris Stallings


Mar. 9, 2017

Speaker: Kiho Kim 

Affiliation: American University

Title: Nitrogen Dynamics in Tropical Coastal Ecosystems: A Case Study in Guam

Host: Chris Simoniello

Mar. 24 2017

Speaker: Andreas Thurnherr

Affiliation: Lamont-Doherty Earth Observatory/Columbia University

Title: Vertical Kinetic Energy, Turbulence and Mixing in the Ocean

Host: Xinfeng Liang


Mar. 27 2017

Speaker: Peter Hamilton

Affiliation: NC State University

Title: Recent Gulf of Mexico Loop Current studies performed by BOEM

Host: Robert Weisberg


Mar. 30 2017

Speaker: Stephani Gordon

Affiliation: Open Boat Films, LLC

Title: Science Communication in the current landscape- a filmmakers perspective

Host: Brad Seibel


Apr. 6-7 2017

Eminent Scholars Lecture Series


Apr. 21 2017

Speaker: Allison K. Smith

Affiliation: Univ. Washington

Title: Projections of climate driven changes on blood oxygen affinity in pelagic habitats

Host: Brad Seibel


Apr. 28, 2017

Speaker: Lisa Beal

Affiliation: Univ. of Miami, RSMAS

Title: Broadening not strengthening of the Agulhas Current since the early 1990’s

Host: Mark Luther