E. Howard Rutherford

E. Howard Rutherford

Director of Development
Graduate hours- 119, College of Marine Science, University of South Florida
Interest: Atmospheric Input by Natural and Anthropogenic Sources Altering Nitrogen:Phosphate Ratios in the N.W. Pacific Ocean
Advisor: Kent Fanning, Ph.D.
Office Phone: 727.553.3376

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Twitter: @ehrutherford



A short paragraph or two describing what you do at the college
The primary role for the Director of Development for the University of South Florida Foundation and College of Marine Science is to secure local, regional and national resources to move the following priorities of the College of Marine Science forward- 1) Endowed Chairs and Professorships, 2) Endowed Student Fellowships and 3) Sustainable Outreach and Education Programs. In addition, the Director of Development works closely with the Dean to cultivate, develop and sustain relationships with existing and potential donors and partners with the University of South Florida and College of Marine Science. The Director of Development also seeks out ways for Faculty and Graduate Students to share their findings with the broader community and demonstrate how the College of Marine Science is a global leader in applying science to society's needs through research, service and training of future scientists.

Four Quick Facts About Yourself

  • I have one last continent to visit- AFRICA!
  • Love going to open houses to get new ideas. Yikes, maybe that is why we have moved 7 times in 18 years
  • Enjoy listening to all genres of music, except Rap (sorry).
  • Practice, practice, practice the piano.
  • President-Elect to the National Marine Educators Association.
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